The History of Rejoice Ministries

The Church of Healing, Inc.

          On November 22, 2008 twenty-three people met in the upper room at Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement’s (HCCI)  Family Life Center, located at 266 West 153 Street for the purpose of establishing a church. At this meeting The Reverend Doctor Marvin Bentley, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church served as the Moderator and Mrs. Beatrice C. Thompson Collymore served at the Recording Secretary.

            At this meeting the twenty charter members were identified. This body of believers received the name Rejoice Ministries ~ The Church of Healing as the name designated by God, the Articles of Incorporation were approved and the body voted unanimously to elect The Reverend Patricia A. Reeberg as their Pastor and Spiritual Leader.

            Ms. Diane Jenkins and Mr. Nelson Monroe served as The Tellers Committee and the following persons were voted into office:

➢     Ms. Denise K. Bell – Church Clerk

➢     Mr. Garfield Collymore, Mrs. Norma Lee, and Pastor Reeberg – Trustees

➢     Mrs. Karen Williams – Treasurer.


            At the adjournment of the Organizational Meeting, the first Church Business Meeting of Rejoice Ministries ~ The Church of Healing was called to order by Pastor Reeberg. At this meeting the Church Constitution was ratified, Mr. Garfield Collymore and Mrs. Lauretta Gilliam were voted to serve as the Diaconate Board. The body agreed to hold our first service on December 31, 2008 at HCCI Family Life Center.

            On January 4, 2009 the first worship service was held. The Service of Dedication was performed by our Liturgist, The Reverend Lloyd Gilliam. The service concluded with the first Lord’s Supper of Rejoice Ministries. At this service three men joined our congregation. The first person to join was Mr. Aaron Mayers.

            Rejoice Ministries held it first baptism at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church, where The Reverend Doctor Charles Curtis serves as Senior Pastor. Five candidates were baptized into the Body of Christ.

            On the first Sunday in July, 2009 Rejoice Ministries left their home at HCCI and was warmly welcomed by Ephesus Seventh Day of Adventist Church where The Reverend Doctor Dedrik Blue served as Pastor. The Reverend Doctor Andrew Harewood is the current pastor. It is at Ephesus SDA Church that God has willed for Rejoice Ministries to worship, grow and flourish.

            Rejoice Ministries has been blessed to have numerous friends, supporter and well wishers. In the first year Rejoice Ministries received approximately $15,000 in support of her ministry. The first donation from an individual was given by the Elder Statesman of the Gospel, The Reverend Doctor Gardner C. Taylor. The first donation from a congregation was given by Baptist Church of the Redeemer, where The Reverend Sharon E. Williams serves as Pastor. It has been through the generosity of so many that Rejoice Ministries was blessed with a strong and solid financial footing. In addition to the financial miracles, Mr. William Thornton designed and built our cross and our first pulpit, Mrs. Cheryl Hunter Grant designed our logo, and Mr. Andre Pina created and designed the Rejoice Ministries website

            Rejoice Ministries was called into existence by God to be a healing presence in the world. We believe God is calling his children to come home and be healed of their brokenness, pain, distress, turmoil, and sin. God is standing up in each of us, challenging us to proclaim the acceptable year of our Lord. Therefore, our Evangelistic Ministry is focused on those persons who have left the fold of God and those who are outside of the “ark of safety.”

            On July 19, 2009 Rejoice Ministries birthed her first outreach ministry, Standing In the Breach. This ministry is a mentor/support service to young adults who recently aged out of the foster care system.

            This is the beginning…


➢     November 22, 2008 – The first Corporate Meeting was held.

➢     November 25, 2008 – Rejoice Ministries received her EIN.

➢     November 26, 2008 – Rejoice Ministries was incorporated.

➢     December 31, 2008 – First Service & Consecration of furnishings.

➢     January 4, 2009 – Liturgy of Dedication and Commitment.

➢     January, 2009 – Rejoice Ministries established a presence on the internet.

➢     February 25, 2009 – The Prayer Call Ministry was established.

➢     April 12, 2009 - Resurrection Sunday – The first service of baptism. Five persons were baptized into the Kingdom of God.

➢     May 31, 2009 – The first Lay Sunday, Deacon Garfield Collymore preached.

➢     June 28, 2009 – The first Baby Dedication.

➢     July 5, 2009 – Rejoice Ministries moved to our second home.

➢     July 19, 2009 – The launching of Standing in the Breach.(Renamed: Even Me EDC)

➢     September 20, 2009 – Pastor Patricia A. Reeberg’s first Anniversary celebration.

➢     October 1, 2009 – The Anniversary of Pastor Patricia A. Reeberg was placed in the Congressional Record by The Honorable Charles B. Rangel, Member of the United States House of Representatives & Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee

➢      November 21, 2009 – The first Anniversary Luncheon was held.

➢     November 22, 2009 – The celebration of the First Anniversary of Rejoice Ministries ~ The Church of Healing, Inc.

➢     November 22, 2009 – The first Deacon Ordination was held. Sister Melvina Brown, Sister Diane Jenkins, and Brother Raymond Lee were ordained into the position of Deacon.

➢     September 10, 2013 – Even Me was incorporated in the State of NY

➢     November 12, 2013 – Rejoice Ministries received Tax Exempt status

Charter Members of Rejoice Ministries

Denise K. Bell                                       

Paula Bell

Melvina Brown                                      

La Tanya Gilliam Bryson

Beatrice C. Collymore                           

Garfield Collymore

Lauretta Godwin Gilliam            

Diane Jenkins

John H. Lee                                          

Norma Huston Lee

Raymond Lee                                       

Donell Leverett

Nelson Monroe                          

Sheila Ousley

Andre Pina                                          

Beryl Facey Pina                                                                       

Janice Salley                                       

Shanda Taylor

William Thornton                       

Karen Williams                                                         

The Reverend Patricia A. Reeberg